New world order after Ivory Coast and Libya

CASUALTIES OF IVORY COAST AND LYBIA HAVE BROUGHT ABOUT A NEW WORLD ORDER By Jean-Paul Pougala(*) Translated in English by Franclin Foping (Douala Cameroon) In 1945, the United Nations was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. Today a new world order is being established after the heaviest sacrifice of Africa, after the […]

Ivory Coast reconciliation commission launched

Ivory Coast’s Truth, Reconciliation and Dialogue Commission has launched, with its star member – footballer Didier Drogba – absent from its first meeting.

Ivory Coast budget assumes 6 pct GDP shrinkage

ABIDJAN, June 23 – Ivory Coast has approved a budget that assumes the economy will shrink by more than 6 percent this year after the country’s violent political crisis, according to the finance ministry.

Sarkozy in Ivory Coast to support Ouattara

A month after the taking by arms of predecessor Laurent Gbagbo, Nicolas Sarkozy comes on Saturday to salute new Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara, as he is now considered a model of these African democrats that France is now willing to support.

The rise and fall of Laurent Gbagbo

The history of Côte d’Ivoire is marked internally by successive ethnic dominations. In 1960, following the end of colonisation by France, Félix Houphouët-Boigny, who spearheaded independence, further established his political influence by claiming royal legitimacy. The analysis of Véronique Tadjo, poet, novelist and writer of books for young people.

Ivory Coast: NGOs writes letter to Unhcr

An Open Letter to the UNHCR Commissioner, António Guterres, regarding the situation of dozens of Ivorian refugee women and girls recently arrived in Liberia.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo arrested?

The president of Ivory Coast elected by the constitutional council, Laurent Gbagbo, has been arrested by French military forces and given to the forces responding to internationally recognised president Alassane Ouattara.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo troops 'hit' Ouattara hotel HQ

A hotel used by the internationally recognised president of Ivory Coast has come under attack by forces loyal to his rival Laurent Gbagbo, reports say.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo supporter leaves tv debate

In this video a supporter of Laurent Gbagbo, an Ivorian writer, has left in protest a debate held on satellite tv channel France24.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo negotiating exit is false news

Gbagbo is not negotiating his surrender. A government source said to