Ivory Coast: Gbagbo negotiating exit is false news

“Gbagbo is not negotiating his exit. The only topic of negotiations now is the ceasefire.” Mireille Guibero-Anouka, manager of civil society for the “cellule diplomatique” of the [Gbagbo] presidency of CĂ´te d’Ivoire, said today to Africanews.it.

“This is pure disinformation. You should not believe to what France24 and international media say. Our president Gbagbo is always in his post and he is not managing his surrender”, the same manager added.

“Tomorrow we will have more news and above all more certain news than these suppositions. What is happening in Ivory Coast is pure racism. Something like this would never happen to any European coutry. How can you solve contested elections results by killing innocent people? All this is possible just because we are in Africa”, madame Anouka concluded.

Also on Facebook different groups have said that there is disinformation about Ivory Coast and many users are calling on Ivorian people not to believe that the president is about to surrender in this fight that is going on since the second half of the presidential elections held in Autumn 2010.

What follow is the audio of an interview made by Abidjan.net

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