Ethiopia: a proposal for ending violence

An Effective National Strategy to Combat Ethnic Tensions in Ethiopia By Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler While the ongoing Tigray conflict continues to befueled by high ethnic tensions, there is available anideal method to calm tensions, end the prolonged violence, and prevent future conflicts. It is a brain-based technology called Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) which incorporates practices of non-religious Transcendental Meditation® (TM®)to quell violence and bring about peace. This unconventional yet highly effective and scientically-verified non-violent approach prevents […]

Italy Must Confront Its Past to Stave Off the Far-Right

This year’s seasonal springtime rise in temperatures is expected to deepen Europe’s refugee crisis by bringing about a significant rise in the number of harried migrants approaching its shores. Italy, with its long and porous coastline, remains among the most severely affected countries; 15,000 people have sought refuge in the country in the past three […]

The Road to Garissa

Shailja Patel stresses some historical facts which led to the late killings of Garissa, Kenya. By Shailja Patel 2015 the morning after a massacre   2014 #KasaraniConcentrationCamp: ”Operation Usalama Watch was launched on April 2, 2014, following a major terrorist attack last year and a series of smaller bombings in Nairobi and Mombasa. The name “Kasarani […]

Nigeria: the Imprint of Boko Haram on the Campaign

Olabisi Shoaga The forthcoming elections in Nigeria will be special in at least two ways from the preceding ones. First, they are the first elections since the country’s return to democratic rule in 1999 that will be contested by two similarly matched political parties: the People’s Democratic Party of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and […]

Nigerian Elections: the Political Plot as a Psychodrama

Kaius Ikejezi The approaching of elections compels whoever is concerned to pounder Nigerian politics and so happened to the Author of this short commentary.

Paris-France and Baga-Nigeria: Two Crimes, Two Standards

Olabisi Shoaga International reaction to the attacks on the  satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” and the Hebrew shop in Paris, in which seventeen people lost their lives, is not comparable to the attention for the Boko Haram massacre of an estimated two thousand people in Baga, North Eastern, Nigeria, earlier that same week. While international leaders […]

Rwanda’s Untold Story. A Commentary on the BBC Two Documentary

Criticism of current Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his administration is on the rise. This twist in the premier’s uncontested 20-year reign has mostly been sparked by the exodus of many of his closest allies speaking up in exile, at great risk to their lives, to reveal a different story from the one the world […]

The strenght of a tree

“A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.” (by Kinga Kurz)

New world order after Ivory Coast and Libya

CASUALTIES OF IVORY COAST AND LYBIA HAVE BROUGHT ABOUT A NEW WORLD ORDER By Jean-Paul Pougala(*) Translated in English by Franclin Foping (Douala Cameroon) In 1945, the United Nations was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. Today a new world order is being established after the heaviest sacrifice of Africa, after the […]

NGOs, new form of espionage in Africa

On Monday January 24, 2011, the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament had voted for the opening of a parliamentary inquiry about the source of funding to associations and non-governmental organizations in operation on Israeli territory.