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This website is dedicated for news about Africa. It’s meant to serve as a point of information about Africa and Africans. Until recently, news from and about Africa, in the online Italian media, were mainly reported by religious organisations. We have, therefore, decided to source out African reporters, both in Africa and in the Diasporas, so they can tell their own stories, themselves.

Africans and Italians have built strong relationship over the years, investment and intercultural exchange is growing. With that in mind, there is a need for a better understanding of the African continent, her people and her diverse culture.

Africanews.it is designed to reflect the views of its contributors, mainly in Africa; few ones in Italy and other European countries.

Our goal is to create an opportunity for Africans who want to express themselves to Italians and the rest people. It’s equally to serve as a bridged between the Africans who are living in Italy and the Italians interested in Africa.

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