Somalia: Man attempts to blow up plane

A Somali man was arrested in Mogadishu after being suspected of attempting to board an aircraft, Somali officials have announced.

Officials said the man had chemicals, liquid and a syringe, same material to those used by the Nigerian man accused of attempting to blast a plane on Christmas Day.
The man was arrested at the Mogadishu Airport while he was trying to fly on Daallo Airlines en route to the northern Somali city Hargeisa, then to Djibouti and Dubai.

Mogadishu airport is one of the few areas that Somali weak government runs and African Union peacekeepers work with government on security in the Mogadishu Airport.

Somali police said on Wednesday that the chemicals could have caused a detonation but not one that would have taken out the airline.

Somali Islamist Group has controlled most of the country while government controls a few areas in the capital.

It is the first time an attempt has been made to blow up a commercial flight in Somalia. In Somalia, there are daily flights to neighbouring countries such as Djibouti and Kenya.

US officials have learnt about the Somali case and are investigating any possible links with the attempted attack in Detroit, According to AP.

Muhudin Ahmed Roble Roble
freelance journalist

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