SA: 4 arrested for killing Somali man

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South Africa Police told on Thursday that a 20 year Somali man was stabbed to death in a robbery at his shop in Cape Town.

Police spokesperson Captain Joe Wilson said a man went to the shop on Delft residence in the Cape Town under the pretence of using the pay phone at around 13:45, local time on Wednesday.

Wilson said: “Then insisted that the shopkeeper open the door and help him”, adding that, when shopkeeper opened the door, the killer attacked him.

Police said the suspect who was using a knife hit in the left side of the chest of shopkeeper.

Police was stated that other six men joined the killer in looting the shop and run away with an unidentified amount of cell phones airtime and cigarettes.

Wilson said that two assistants in the shop were unhurt. Police said that they arrested four suspects aged 22, 23, 24 and 38, in the area. The suspected men would come in the court on January 4 for charges of robbery and murder.

South Africa, with a population of more than 44 million, officially has nearly 30,000 refugees and 100,000 asylum seekers but unofficially there are believed to be more than five million illegal immigrants in the country.

The refugees have not always been welcomed in South Africa, especially in poorer black communities, since they were seen as competing for the same scarce resources and jobs.

Township businessmen, who are alleged to be directing the attacks, claim the Somalis are attracting their customers by offering cheaper prices and forcing them to shut up shop.

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