What western eyes fail to see as the real Somalia

Randolph Kent is director of the Humanitarian Futures Programme at King’s College in London. The opinions expressed are his own. How come khat can be delivered anywhere in Somalia virtually at anytime?

Somalia's waiting game – AlJazeera English

Why is aid not reaching those most in need?

Somalia 'very difficult place'

http://youtu.be/41OTcPOU1J8 The head of Medicins Sans Frontieres says charities face numerous obstacles trying to provide aid to starving Somalis.

Somali refugee camps in Ethiopia

Somali refugee camps in Ethiopia.

Somalia's food aid theft – AlJazeera

How can aid agencies continue humanitarian work in a country where food supplies fail to reach the needy?

Somalia: Victory Over Al Shabab

On August 6th, Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed said his military has gained victory over the Al Shabab group wanting to topple his Western-supported government after the Islamist rebels began pulling out fighters from the capital, Mogadishu.

Government troops occupy old al-Shabab base

Somalia’s president is claiming victory after al-Shabab fighters began pulling out of the capital Mogadishu.

Famine, Figthing, Ramadan – Al-Shabaab may attack

Somali militant group Al-Shabaab has begun a Ramadan offensive, threatening the country’s famine-hit population. CNN’s Nima Elbaghir reports.

Somalia Famine Environment

Some environmentalists believe human activity may be at least partially to blame for the extreme drought now faced by Somalia. Environmental activists have long charged that greenhouse gas emissions are creating a harsher global climate and more severe weather patterns, causing devastating floods in one place and even drier conditions in another. VOA’s Rebecca Ward […]

Somalia: message of help from World Vision Canada

In Somalia, World Vision’s director of emergency affairs sees the urgent need for water affecting millions of people. World Vision is working to bring resources to those affected by severe drought and famine. Your support is vital in this fight.