Somalia: Islamist attacks into Ethiopia

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Somali Islamist rebel Hizbul Islam vowed on Thursday that they will invade inside Ethiopia towns, a top official threatened.

Islamist governor of border region of Hiiran, Shuriye Farah Sabriye told reporters in Mogadishu that his group will launch cross border attacks against Ethiopia.

He said that they were in the final preparations for a big offensive into Ethiopia. The official said on Thursday that his fighters are ready to attack on the Ethiopian army bases in the border town of Ferfer. He said that town has been arranged attacks against them.

“We will go deep inside Ethiopia”, the Islamist official said. Not only Ethiopia but Islamist official threatened to moderate Islamist Ahlu Sunna those controlled in centre Somalia.

He accused them that they are not pure Muslims and supporting what he called the enemy of Islam (Ethiopia) and Christian proxy government in Somalia.

He said they will destroy the moderate Islamist in centre Somalia. Ethiopian officials could not be reached for comment about the reports.

Last week, Ethiopian troops have pulled out in the centre Somali towns Balanbale and Kalabeyr which links central and south regions after two weeks of presence.

Residents in Beledweyn told AfricaNews that Ethiopian troops those based in Kalabeyr, a town 22Km (14 miles) from the Somali border and Ethiopia have turned to the border town of Ferfer in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia entered Somalia in 2006 to help oust Islamist forces from the capital Mogadishu but withdrew under an UN-backed peace deal.

Somalia has not had an effective government since warlords overthrew longtime dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991

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