Meetings: from southern Italy some help for Africa

Fromchildren-water 28 of July to the 5 of August 2008, Castelbuono near Palermo (Sicily, Italy) will host the “Cantiere di educazione alla pace e alla mondialità” (meeting for education to peace) managed by Ngo LVIA in Palermo with Altra Storia and Cesvop.
During the event, some activities concerning Africa will be presented.

The aim of this event, it is written in press release sent by Lvia Ngo, is to stress the importance of young people to be conscious of their universal rights and of the importance of the activities for worlwide peace.

“LVIA – it is written in the Ngo website – is a no-profit organisation that worked in African countries for more than 40 years”. asked the president of Lvia, Gianfranco Cattai, who will be present at the event and what activities will regard Africa.
“There will be a large presence of people who worked in Africa and some of them still work there. Emanuele Banfi, for example, is one of them. He was volunteer in Mali for many years. Teachers and many professionals of different Ngos will be present and, also, people who worked in Tanzania and Burkina Faso will be there”.

“Lvia Palermo – Cattai added – is promoting an event to stress the problem of water and the access to this resource in Africa and in Italy too. The event will see the active participation of  local school classrooms. Lvia Palermo also helped early this year stressing the importance of building a water facility in some African states”.


Photo by: angela7dreams and Stig Nygaard

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