Jelimo vows to break world record in Rome

World 800m junior record holder Pamela Jelimo from Kenya has vowed to break  the senior women’s record held by Jarmila Kratochvolova of Czech republic during the Rome Grand Prix.jelimo

The Rome event will be held before the Beijing Olympics.

Jelimo says she is focused to improve on her speed in the last 200m to break the record of 1:53.28. “If I could have worked on my speed I would have broken the record in Berlin, but I slowed down in the last 200m”, she adds.


Jelimo clocked 1:54.99 in berlin on June 1 after having run 1:55.76 in Hengelo Netherlands to set a new world junior record. She believes her greatest challenge at the Olympics will come from Eatern European athletes especially from Russia and the world champion Janet Jepkosgei whom they come from the same village in Kenya.

By Ken Chelimo

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