Zimbabwe: journalists condemns acts of brutality

Below we publish the statement made by Zimbabwean journalists to condemn violences in Zimbabwe.

We, the members of the Association of Zimbabwe Journalists (AZJ), strongly condemn the on-going human rights abuses being perpetrated on innocent Zimbabweans. AZJ is appalled at the wanton killings, maiming, torture and detentions ahead of next week?s presidential election run-off.

Zanu PF candidate, President Robert Mugabe has declared that if his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai wins the run-off on June 27, not only will he refuse to give up State House, but the “war veterans” will wage war against imperial “lackeys”.

Evidently, the war has already begun in the form of horrendous beatings and murder of both known and perceived opposition supporters in the entire country. Daily news reports emanating from Zimbabwe point to the fact that Zimbabwe is a country at war.

Findings by both local and foreign observers as well as family and community accounts overwhelmingly point at Zanu PF as the sponsor of the terror that has paralyzed Zimbabwe.

We condemn this in the strongest possible terms and we join other organizations in expressing doubts of a free and fair election next Friday. We as journalists are also appalled by the continuing threats, arrests and unlawful detentions of journalists trying to do their job.

AZJ demands the following:
1.) We demand that the government immediately ceases to sponsor the terror group who include the police and army.
2.) We demand that journalists and observers carry out their work anywhere in Zimbabwe freely without threats to their lives or families
3.) We demand that all acts of violence be fully investigated and perpetrators of violence be brought before the courts
4.) We demand that the government stops the continued arbitrary arrests and detentions of all those perceived to be state enemies
Forward Maisokwadzo
Innocent Madawo
Urginia Mauluka
Simbarashe Chabarika
Pedzisayi Ruhanya
Mduduzi Mathuthu
Elton Dzikiti
Praxedes Jeremia
Patience Rusere
Makusha Mugabe
Henry Makiwa
Lance Guma
Violet Gonda
Tichaona Sibanda
Conrad Nyamutata
Innocent Chofamba_Sithole
Obert Matahwa
Sandra Nyaira
Pedzisayi Chirume
Farai Gonzo
McDonald Chimbizi
Mathew Nyashanu
Selbin Kabote
Rhoda Mashavave
Maxwell Sibanda
Sharon Njobo
Benedicta Madawo
Charles Mtetwa
Tererai Karimakwenda

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