Libya: Frattini reply to Italian deported from Libya


“I have no reply to Mrs. Ortu nor to her incredible personal insults”, Italian minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, said today in a press release published on the foreign ministry website (

This reply comes after a protest carried out by Mrs. Giovanna Ortu in front of government building palazzo Chigi in Rome. This protest started last Friday, the 3rd of October, and they are continuing. Mrs. Ortu is the president of the Italian association of Italians deported from Libya (Airl).

“It is clear that – Frattini added – if the complex efforts at gathering all the pertinent data and assessments have not yet been completed 38 years later, this is as a result of the objective difficulties in reconstructing them. I have said, and I repeat, that we have no intention of forgetting or ignoring the legitimate rights of the Italians deported, and that obviously the efforts by the authorised offices will continue. We are willing, and I repeat this as well, to collaborate with the Parliament on any positive proposals in this regard”.

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