"Our rights have been deleted", Mrs Ortu


Italy did not defend the rights of its own citizens“, Giovanna Ortu, president of Airl, Italian association of deported people from Libya, said today to Africanews.it during a telephone interview.

Italians of Libya are angry, disappointed and they feel neglected by their own government. “Italy – Mrs Ortu added – has stepped over the rights of its own people deported from Libya in 1970. They did not receive any compensation”.

All goods of the Italians deported from Libya after Gaddafi got power add up to 400 billions Italian Lire in 1970. “Today – Airl president continues – they will be valued at an unbelievable price: 3 billions Euros. Up to this day we haven’t got even a formal compensation”.

“After all these days in front of palazzo Chigi, a prime minister cannot not dare to give us an answer whatsoever”, she added.

Ending the conversation, Mrs. Ortu stressed that all Italians deported from Libya know all very well the reasons behind the recent deal between Berlusconi and Gaddafi.

“I’d be happy – Mrs Ortu added – with a formal aknowledgement of our rights. It’s a problem of justice“.

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