Italian culture deeply rooted in East Africa

asmara1 Italian presents in East Africa is felt with its  culture and traditions  dotted along the coastal region of Tanzania and Kenya.

There is also marked presents of Italian culture  in neighbouring Ethiopia and Eritrea.


mombasa1-boats-moonThe most significant are the artefacts and monuments in several towns like Malindi in Kenya, Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, Asmara in Eritrea and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

In these towns there are several buildings designed by Italians depicting their culture. Along the east Africa Coast, several five star and four star hotels are owned and managed by Italian national.

They also serve Italian foods and wine which is very popular in East Africa. The ambience of these hotels depict Italian style of living

Among other popular Italian features in East Africa are the renowned Italian designer clothes which are won by many upper class people in these countries. They include designer suits, shirts, dresses and shoes. Young East Africans fancy Italian T- shirts donning the country’s popular football teams like AC Milan, FC Roma etc

At one time there were unconfirmed information of the presence of the Italian dreaded mafia and Mafioso operating along the East African coast in towns such as Tanga, Dar e esalam, Mombasa, Malindi, Zanziba etc.

Other factors which  strengthen Italian presence in East Africa is Italian food and the popular wine served in many hotels and restaurants in East African countries.

addisabeba1There is also a strong presence of tourists who flock East Africa in thousand every year to see attractions like wildlife, coastal beaches and other nature’s wonders.

By Ken Chelimo

Photos by Ctsnow, The Wandering Angel, VBzi

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