Holiday flows to help Kenya shilling

NAIROBI, Nov 17 – East Africa’s shillings are all expected to strengthen against the dollar next week as tourism revenues start to climb with the onset of the year-end holiday season and Africans overseas send money home to relatives.

East Africa shillings on back foot again

NAIROBI, Sept 1 – Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania’s shillings all look likely to weaken next week, possibly to life-time lows against the dollar, amid soaring inflation and strong demand for hard currency from fuel importers.  

Horn of Africa food crisis – Linda Mwania reporting for cbm

cbm East Africa’s Communications Officer Linda Mwania reporting from the Kenya/Ethiopia during the 2011 food crisis.

More pain in sight for E.Africa shillings

NAIROBI, June 23 – The Kenyan and Ugandan shillings are likely to remain under pressure against the dollar next week after falling through a series of record lows that their central banks blamed on currency speculators.

Italian culture deeply rooted in East Africa

Italian presents in East Africa is felt with its  culture and traditions  dotted along the coastal region of Tanzania and Kenya. There is also marked presents of Italian culture  in neighbouring Ethiopia and Eritrea.  

Molfetta (Italy) celebrates Italian East Africa campaign

Molfetta, southern Italy, is the place today that host an exhibition about Molfettesi (inhabitants of Molfetta) in East Africa, in Italian “Molfettesi in Africa Orientale”. The event is managed by the Italian Associazione Eredi della Storia and by ANMIG Foundation.