Italy can be a dangerous country, Amnesty International Italy says

Italy’s human rights record came under criticism from the UN Committee against Torture (CAT). Italy failed to introduce torture as a crime in its criminal penal code, and still lacked comprehensive asylum legislation“, the 2008 Amnesty International report on human rights. ai-guantanamo

For what concern Italy, we are afraid that racist declarations made by some politicians and the laws or bills made in the opposite direction of the international human rights standards, will transform this country in a dangerous one“, Daniela Carboni head of Amnesty International campaign and research office said. asked her about the dangers for Africans in Italy.

How Africans could be damaged by these laws and bills in Italy?
Anyone from Africa seeking refugee status in Italy could be refused and expelled immediately.

After all the suffering of these people, a denial of the refugee status could mean a death sentence.

What motivations led Amnesty International to make such a strong statement about the situation in Italy?
First of all I don’t think that Amnesty is the only Ngo (Non governmental organisation), maybe not even the first, to denounce the political wave and the bills of law in stark contrast with refugees’ rights.
Secondly, that declaration is part of the work of Amnesty International: we observe, analyze, study and eventually we express our opinions on sensible matters and we help taking decisions who are not in contrast with the human rights and the rights of Africans who live in Italy.
We are not alone in this. Even organisations like the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) said that some declarations made by institutions representatives may justify racist actions.

amnestiainternacional-by-coolz0r Why there’s so little attention for the respect of human rights?
There are many reasons. For sure the attitude of governments and of the international community is not helping, because they underestimate the importance of human rights.
If we respect them we would have a safer planet.
Safer even for businesses who are often just as blind towards human rights as governments.
Last but not least, the attitude of journalists sometime is not much of a help. In fact they ignore too the importance of these rights.

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