Dame COUNDOUL wins Afro Pepites for sculptors

WINNERS of the SHOW SCULPTORS of the 2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:

Winner of the category PEPITES OF AFRICA
Dame COUNDOUL imposes a style for the memory of African traditions, with statues reaching more than 2 meters…

Dame is based in Madrid, Spain.


2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou – Congo – Sculptor

Rhode Bath, is impressive for the social and cultural memory of Africa, with statues sometimes reaching more than 3 meters…

Rhode Bath has 2 workshops: one in Belgium in Brussels, the other one in Congo in Brazzaville


Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou is born on 29 August 1976 in Brazzaville in Republic of Congo. Since her childhood she got initiated in painting by her father, the painter David Makoumbou. She is really involved in art since 1989. Through her Actions, it is mainly the social actions of African woman which are highlighted.

Since 2002, Rhode Makoumbou created numerous sculpture in composed material (sawdust and wood glue on a metal structure) representing the manual trades of the villages which tend to disappear. Some of them are more than three meter high!

She considers herself a bit like an artist archiving the social and cultural memory of Africa in general, and of Congo more particularly. She often expresses herself in her interviews about the respect of the ideological notions of identity and of cultural diversity. She always attached a great importance in the question of the meaning in art and of the relationship between the artist and his/her public.

Since 2003, Rhode started an important international career and now exhibits worldwide.

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