“Women and girls beside boys” in Egypt-El Saadawi

Renowned feminist and human rights activist Nawal El Saadawi was a political prisoner and exiled from Egypt for years.

Now she has returned to Cairo, and she joins us to discuss the role of women during the last seven days of unprecedented protests.

“Women and girls are, beside the boys, are in the streets,” El Saadawi says.

“We are calling for justice, freedom and equality, and real democracy, and a new constitution where there is no discrimination between men and women, no discrimination between Muslim and Christians, to change the system and to have real democracy.”

Source: DemocracyNow.org

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2 thoughts on ““Women and girls beside boys” in Egypt-El Saadawi

  1. Democracy for Muslims and Christians and what about other religions like Jewish, Hindu and so on? What kind of democracy she is taling about, a selective one?

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