Egypt: 31 killed in Alexandria

At least 31 killed in protests in Alexandria, hospital authorities tell CNN.


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One thought on “Egypt: 31 killed in Alexandria

  1. When René Dumont wrote that ”l’AFRIQUE NOIRE EST MAL PARTIE” many thought he was too had on Africa. Yet know country proved him wrong. Now, there is a new wave of revolution and civilization in the Arabic world, but still The Black Africa is asleep. She will only wake-up to find out she is left behind. She will need many other thousands of years of slavery to come to her independence. Why? why can not she read the hand writing on the wall? WAKE UP AFRICA AND JOIN THE COURUS OR FORGET YOUR DEVELOPEMENT. Alison

    I am sorry for not beeing faithful to the topic but I just needed a place share my pain for my Africa. I needed ears to listen to this and prove me wrong. Once more sorry for the unrelatedness of the comment but I had no option.

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