NGOs, new form of espionage in Africa

On Monday January 24, 2011, the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament had voted for the opening of a parliamentary inquiry about the source of funding to associations and non-governmental organizations in operation on Israeli territory.

The Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman–whose party (Israel Beiteno) was the origin of this curious initiative, stated that, according to information in their possession to most NGOs bearing the flag of human rights are nothing more than mere actually branches of foreign secret services. This when you don’t act effectively as “accomplices of terror”, he concludes.

The originality of the Israeli Parliament’s vote was to determine the true identity of each association and their true purpose from the source of their funding. This was the only way to know exactly the truth.

How does not give reason to Israeli Minister when one examines the profile of the leaders of these NGOs with rigour? With frequency is unsettling if it finds some enigmatic mixture. An example of the latest:

When in 1999, Richard Holbrooke was chosen by us President Bill Clinton to succeed Bill Richardson as Ambassador at the United Nations, this invited as an Assistant, a lady called Suzanne Nossel.

This last was again requests when Barack Obama came to the Presidency, and became Assistant Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In November 23, 2011 this brilliant character then clerk of the U.S. Government held an action of the most curious and confusing: she left her position in the Obama administration, to become the President of the American section of the NGO Amnesty International. This means no more effectively conflicts of interest between certain organizations and Governments that Fund to offer the good points in the world. And, as well denouncing the Voltaire Network, this lady who set up all the propaganda and lies to justify the bombing on Libya–which resulted in 90,000 deaths and the assassination of its President Gaddafi–changed his robes to return to the place of his crime and give lessons in human rights.


How can you call “non-governmental organization” an organization that receives the bulk of its funding from the Government of their country of origin? As an organization created by the U.S. Congress and 100% financed by it can be an NGO in Africa? How can we explain that almost the entire funding this coup named “ODA” be invested in so-called non-governmental organizations as in the case of Canada?

The 50 years of NGOs in Africa it indicate that the continent can never stand through these organisations whose management system and very hazy decision allows not accurately assess the real motivations of its organizers. Until this moment there is any relationship, any documentation about the purpose of the immense volume of information that these organisations collect daily on African soil. However one can say the same way that the goal of them under any circumstances is
to increase the security of the continent. Want to weaken it. Think that rulers sunk in huge debts will go into debt even more to help Africans reveals the collective ingenuity of Africans themselves that grant disproportionate reliance on associations which they know nothing or almost nothing but propaganda prepared tailor-made for them.


To perpetuate the ultra-liberal system which pillaged Africa for 5 centuries, carefully articulated a methodical organisation and with a distribution of functions well delimited. The so-called development associations and organizations, humanitarian and human rights have been created in this optics make spoliation less painful. Such organizations if renamed as “African civil society” copying the same techniques of usurpation used by racists of South Africa which made
call of AFRIKANERS, i.e. AFRICANS, this in place and space of authentic Africans whom they wanted to make it disappear through cruel treatment committed by apartheid.

All these associations that are termed “civil society” and not “civil society” allege simply work to help Africa; working for the good of the African continent. In reality aim at other goals as, for example:

1 – Divert attention from Africans of their real problems, imposing subjects as harmful as useless, and also imposing his view through the great media war machine accompanying them as well as by money that gushes from their Western Governments.

2 – Before the clash of two civilizations, the African and European, and seen to be in Africa, everything is articulated to advantage obstacular Africans who, in many areas, do not have lessons to get anyone, but perhaps if you feel able to give them. It is then necessary to convince the Africans more successful fundamental pointlessness their heads of State reportedly unable, as well as pass the image of being a continent plagued by poverty, even though they themselves know that this is not true. The majority of Africans who accepts such speech simply forgot, for example, that they were far happier than those who had claimed to be the rich from them to help them. This is because the African is far more rich and consequently happier than the European. In geostrategic the real difference between a rich and a poor lies in the fact that the poor person is one who wins a million dollars per month, but by the same month he will spend two million, lending left and right; While the rich is the one who earns $ 2 per day, but will spend just 1. This explains why Africans are less concerned than Europeans; they are more smiling even when they don’t have cars; they do not indulge in a bullying consumerism, they do not intend to change the heads of State in Nepal or in Guatemala; so also the rate of suicides in Africa is smaller. Well examined their realities, the logic wouldn’t simply advised these NGOs
to copy this lesson in happiness for lavished it in Europe?

3 – Tarnish the image of Africa seems to be one of the tasks of the NGOs. Everywhere where we in the West’s biggest airports, in major train stations or subway, there is no way to stop seeing the photo of a black child and dirty in the walls of these malnourished posted public places, from Düsseldorf to Montreal, passing through Geneva, Rome, Paris and New York. A part it is a great Fund of Commerce of the world’s most profitable for their authors, but the worst is the
increased activity of propaganda against the emergence of another more dignified and prosperous Africa. It is an act of pure racism and lack of respect for the dignity of a child in difficulty when it shows your photo amid a cloud of flies seeking food in your mouth. Explore this section of the difficulties of the other to enrich seems a cynicism of the most dangerous to the human race, something like a mortician surrounding a rich dying waiting for fees of burial.

4 – Espionage Activity: in Africa the increasing greed and ignorance became the keywords that led to the uncontrolled development of foreign espionage in all layers of the population and that under the most unthinkable ways. So if notes initiatives and organizations that nothing else they want to weaken the State and replace it with pseudo solutions nowhere adopted, mainly in the areas of health, education and finance. Why European Governments and the United States need to go through NGOs to gather information about Africa if such organizations are harmless and do not jeopardize the prosperity and security of the African continent? What are these Western interests, incompatible with the urgency in Africa to build a strong State that is able to henceforth to occupy dignified and adequately to its citizens?


Africa saw in espionage activity a simple problem of public order for the removal of suspected opponents, real or imaginary. There was no espionage or counter-espionage activity in geostrategic and economic plan. And how is there where henceforth everything unfolds, even among the best friends of the world there is the suspicion of espionage activities of their respective agents. The case of Israel and the United States of America is there to prove it. Ben-Ami Kaddish was forwarded to the Court of Manhattan on Tuesday, the day 4/22/2008–this 15 days before the visit of U.S. President George Bush to Israel – for having transmitted the Israel information on nuclear armaments of the F-15 fighter planes and Patriot missile and missile systems. It would seem possible that one day the Africans loved them to Africa to the point of being accused of having spied a cutting-edge company in the West African country on behalf of his? How to explain
the ingenuity of African countries that put Western managers in the direction of the main strategic public without worrying about the leak of sensitive information that such persons can provide to their countries? There is an effective system of counter-intelligence able to monitor them properly?


Africa must stop thinking that there are free gifts from wherever they come, or that there are donations without contrast, often seen this contribution can overcome even a million times the value of their donation. Before the acceptance of any partnership should first ask the question about what the other side will win. When this is not clear, and when it becomes impossible to identify the interest of the other party is having a stroke or simply a mistake. Africa must go beyond the Israel initiative, i.e. not only limited to identifying sources of financing of each NGO that operates on its territory.

It is necessary to take radical decisions to ban all Association every organization who receives any penny of funding from outside Africa.

Up to a 100% African Association cannot receive their funding from abroad without a counterpart, because cannot put a psychological condition of gratitude to his benefactor, mainly to provide all the information they need and show a certain elegance in defence of the interests, ideas and opinions of foreigners in command position (even when these are openly against the African nation’s interests in question).

In another plan will be the strengthening of the African Federation which will give Africa the power to impose a high degree of transparency in their relations with all countries of the world.

Africa needs a State cooperation the State and not State to NGOs, this means that it should develop their relations exactly as is already the case with China, because there is no Chinese NGO, nor any Chinese Association which receives money from the Chinese Government to install in African cities and send information to China, or simply to solve unemployment problems in that country.

Espionage in the 21st century must innovate to not remain pathetically in an outdated logic of the cold war. After 50 years of exploration with billions of dollars lost naively under Western espionage action in Africa, or even when some vital information enabled the West to keep the continent in poverty can, on the other hand, assert that the same West withdrew all profits expected once noticed there is the current financial and economic crisis. Can the West have the courage
to examine yourself and make self-criticism about the mediocrity of their leaders that–entangled in problems of fictitious jobs, misuse of public funds, sexual harassment, pedophilia and others – have not had the time and even fewer intelligence to understand that in order to erect Europe wasn’t needed a prostrate Africa.


Jean-Paul Pougala is the Director of the Institute for Geostrategic Studies (Geneva, Switzerland) – pougala@gmailcom

TRANSLATED BY: LUIS FRANQUE – Johannesburg  (South Africa) 12/26/2011

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