Standing 36cm tall, weighing 6kg and made of solid gold, the original World Cup trophy is the most coveted trophy in the world. So precious and priceless is this piece of metal that only state presidents and world cup winners can touch it.

But with every rule there are exceptions – and former president Nelson Mandela lifted it when South Africa was awarded the rights to host the 2010 World Cup games.

This trophy is kept at a secret location known only to a few people.

It leaves its home on the eve of the World Cup final or during special events such as the naming of the country that will host the competition. When Coca Cola organised the trophy tour so that football fans will get the opportunity to see the trophy and even take pictures next to it, they chose Bachir Zeroual, of Morocco, as the man who will accompany it to almost all the countries.

Zeroual, the Coca Cola worldwide sport and entertainment manager, will travel with the cup in a private jet hired by the soft drink company.

They will visit all African countries and a few in Europe. Security will be tight and the trophy will be kept either in the safe of a bank, hotel or at the Coca Cola offices of the country the team is visiting.

During the viewings, security people wearing gloves will remove it from its silver case and put it on display.

Even Bachir, who will be with it for almost the entire tour, cannot touch it as Fifa wants to preserve its exclusivity.

“I am proud of what Coca Cola is doing, especially in the African context. African children who will probably never leave their country have an opportunity to see it up close,” he said.

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