South Africa:security alert for US embassies – AGI

Italian news agency AGI report about the order to close all US official representations in South Africa given by the security office in southern Africa.

What follow is a rough translation from the Italian text.

(AGI) – Pretoria, September 22 – All official representations of the United States in South Africa were closed for at least a day, on the recommendation of an alarm by U.S. Security Office is responsible for Southern Africa: it has announced a U.S. embassy spokesman in Pretoria, Sharon Hudson-Dean, without specifying the nature of the potential threat behind the measure.

“We received the Regional Office for Security information that I can not discuss,” he cut short the U.S. diplomatic. “At the moment we assume that all of our governmental structures will be reopened tomorrow,” he added. 

In August ’98 the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were hit by ‘al Qaeda’ with two bomb attacks almost ‘simultaneously, which caused immense tragedy: the deaths as a whole were at least 224 and wounded a total of about five thousand people

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