Who told the children about Washington?

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We publish a report by Ewanfoh Peter from Verona, Italy, about Obama’s oath as president of the Usa.

The report was written before the inauguration in Washington last 20 January 2009.


Although these little children of African migrants have lived the few years of their lives in the Italian society without seeing the colour of African soil, they certainly do not know what the word “discrimination” means.

They have no idea of what the political horror show and the global economic down tone imply. Yet, they know a change is coming to Washington.

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Their favourite show on tv has always remained the cartoon films and other children programs. But since the Afro American Obama started running for the most prestigious office on Earth, they suddenly began to drag space with the adults whenever news are flashed. Even if they cannot comprehend any other thing in the whole news, they surely have become used to the five-letter word: Obama.

Between Italy and the United States of America, there are several kilometres of distance, yet these children are aware that Obama is relocating into White house on the 20th of January.

Those who are willing to ask how Barack Obama ever managed to win the confidence of nearly all people of the world, should start by asking the little children how he managed to conquer their hearts. 

Some Benin speaking migrants have already changed the name Obama to “Oba ma”, meaning ‘our king’ in Benin language.

Even some Italian elderly women, who are victim of jobless immigrant coming to sell household articles to them as means of survival, are not left out in reacting to the Obamanisation of the world.

She may have been a little frustrated with the financial stress when she turned to the African migrant and said: “Thank God I’m finally going to be free; at least, your brother has just won the presidential election of America. He will come to help you people.”

Mrs. Malice Omondi is a Kenyan woman living in Verona. She is from the very village Obama’s father came from. As for the inauguration coming up in few days, she has this to say: “As a Kenyan woman, the inauguration of my brother, the first black American president of the United States of America makes me so proud. My wish to attend his inauguration is torturing me… How I wish I’d be there… We all know that what is awaiting him is tough, but if he has made it to be the president of America, he will surely settle things down. All am doing is keep my fingers crossed and pray so hard that he makes it. After all, he’s young, intelligent and handsome and …ooh I was forgetting: he has KENYAN GENES !!!”

john legend.jpgMalice is not the only one is over excited over the oncoming inauguration of the president elect, Barrack Obama. John legend is one of the numerous artists kicking off the ceremony at Lincoln memorial. In his words to CNN Larry king, ‘this is my first time of seeing a president with the full support of all people…’ He was not joking because Washington is going to play host to more than two million people who want to see an uncommon history in the making.

Obama is a name that is beginning to mean a lot to all people: from Middle East to Africa, from Washington to Paris and to the rest of the world. 


Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

Photos by: Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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