Cameroon: Italian NGOs manage responsible travel

We receive and we publish here an announcement by two Italian NGOs with projects in Africa. They are organising a travel to “discover the traditional theatre in Cameroon”.

Fratelli dell’Uomo and Mascherenere Italian NGOs are organizing a fascinating journey into the Republic of Cameroon, in search of a theatrical tradition that moves with great vitality, between memory and the contemporary. Dances, songs, music and stories form the heart of this experience of “responsible tourism”.

The project is made by artists living in Italy and Cameroon, which will make the participants active – physical and creative – through villages, markets, theaters and streets.
The group will live closely with Cameroonian players for three weeks. The journey starts from the capital Yaoundé and includes a stay at the village Bayangam, where he held a course of eight days on the rhythms of Biku-tsi: the dance steps and the narrative elements which replace the performance to complement the strengths of visual and sound dance, rhythm and song. A show in a local Yaoundé will allow participants to engage in first person, offering a ‘test’ of what has been achieved.

The trip to Cameroon will also be a pleasant holiday. Six days will be dedicated to the discovery of the country. Participants will have the chance to visit the historic towns of the West of Cameroon, the beaches of Kribi, and more.

The departure is scheduled July 25, from Milan, and return August 22.

The number of participants can range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9. The participation fee is 800 euros and includes: visa, a rented van for 15 days and fuel costs; stage for dance and theater, rent the theater for the show, lodging in Yaoundé and the West; escort from Italy; donation of 100 euros per head, for projects conducted by the Fratelli dell’Uomo.

Excluded: Air ticket (€ 1000 approx.), Meals and drinks, two or three nights in different locations (50 euros approx.) Entry museums, urban transport.

For more information:
Stefano Lentati
resp. Africa – Fratelli dell’Uomo
Viale Restelli 9 – 20124 Milano
Tel 02 69900210

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