Who they think they are these French?-African view


French paratroopers fighting in Cote d’Ivoire!

“Gbagbo must go,” “kadhafy, he must go.” These are insolent phrases uttered by Sarkozy and Juppe. Do the peoples of Africa instructed French political leaders to decide in their place?

After arming Ivorian rebels, and helping Ouattara to cheat without shame, after giving a tv channel to Ouattara, after giving instructions to rebels about the positions of Gbagbo’s men, France uses its paratroopers in the fight in Cote d’Ivoire. TV has shown an helicopter releasing paratroopers on top of the roof of buildings close to the Ivorian national tv station.

To do what? Ouattara men are in trouble, state television of Côte d’Ivoire is broadcasting, and it seems that Ouattara was thrown out of the Golf Hôtel which should now be under control of Gbagbo’s men. Onuci announces, for the first time in its history, that Ouattara forces have killed almost 300 people in Duékoué while there was no resistance whatsoever.

Sarkozy and Juppé support killers and tells us that these people did not cheat after kidnapping some EU observers and that these killers will set up democracy after they will be in power !

Killers that did not hesitate to kill a French citizen, professor in Yamoussoukro, fellow countryman of Sarkozy, simply because he supported Gbagbo !

Black skinned, people always thought we were stupid, that we could eat all sorts of salads.

Ouattara has never won the elections in Ivory Coast. This is fraud. Sarkozy if you believe the opposite, prove it with authentic verbal processes. You can ask Sorro Guillaume, the president of Céni.

Sarkozy, Africans never asked you to decide what is good for them, just deal with France the country who got you elected and that will throw you away in a short while. Although before leaving, tell us what the paratroopers are doing in Côte d’Ivoire ?

France-Afrique and your media will stop their lies, you and  Ouattara, you are impostors !


By Dani Nimbou Koumbi.

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