Water problem: millions of dollars get lost

Many projects and millions of dollars would get lost before the actual construction of water supply resources are built in western Africa countries.

The news written by Riccardo Bianchi, appeared on the Ifg website, Institute for journalism studies, in Milan (Italy).

“Hundreds of milions of dollars thrown into a water pit. Well, into the many pits. According to an International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) study, thousand of projects for water supply in Africa’s rural areas are not checked and this is why they get lost and they become useless.

The data reported in some researches are not encouraging. In Ménaka, a region in the West African state of Mali, 80% of pits does not work. In northern Ghana, 58% would need to be repaired. Over 52 pits built by Caritas since 1980 in the Kaolack region in Senegal, only 33 are actually working.

FairWater foundation estimates that around 50 thousands structures in the whole continent could be not working”.


Source: Ifgonline.it

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