Comoros islands votes controversial referendum

Comoros'president Ahmed Abdallah Sambi

The controversial constitutional referendum held today in the Comoros islands may push the country, a federation made of many islands, into a civil war.

The news appeared in a Reuters news agency report by Ahmed Ali Amir.

“Comorans voted on Sunday on whether to streamline the archipelago’s government system in a referendum that opponents say seeks to extend President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi‘s rule and will weaken federal leaders.

The current convoluted political system sought to keep the three coup-prone Indian Ocean islands in a union following the archipelago’s volatile post-independence history.

The Grand Comores, Anjouan and Moheli — sandwiched between Mozambique and Madagascar — each elect their own leaders under the 2001 constitution and another presidency position rotates around the archipelago’s three islands”, Ahmed Ali Amir reports for

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