Tunisia: "let's deepen Italy-Tunisia relations" Consul Imed says

“We have fantastic relations with Italy, both economically and politcally. But we need to make them even better”, Consul for Tunisia in Italy, Torjemane Mohamed Imed, said at the end of a conference with local businessmen in Reggio Calabria (south Italy).

intervista al Console della Tunisia a Reggio Calabria

How will they change the relations between Italy and Tunisia?

“Tunisia and Italy has had in the past and still have very good relations both on an economic level and on a political one. Historical ties unify the two countries so does geography. Italy is our second partner and we have a large colony of fellow countrymen here in Italy. We hope that this colony could be a dialogue bridge between the two countries”.

What will change for Tunisians with this cooperation?

Economic cooperation between Italy and Tunisia is already very important. We have a large number of Italian business ventures in Tunisia. The investor in the oil sector is Italian. I say this because I want to stress how important Italy for Tunisia. As I said it has the second place and we hope that position will be even more consolidated. We also hope that Italian investors will be more present in Tunisia and that Italian presence in our country will be more determined and important for the interest of both countries.

Can Northern League, which is now in Office, be a danger for relationships with Muslims?

We have always had good relations with Italians. I don’t believe that those positions might have any influence over the relationship between Tunisia and Italy. Tunisia has an open and tolerant Islam. Italy has a very deep tradition of tolerance. Therefore, I don’t believe there could be a change in this attitude.

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