Rugby: "I think the story has just got serious", Sibanda

At the beginning of this week a news concerning rugby national team of Zimbabwe, a South African rugby club and its player Gerald Sibanda was published.  It was about the player not being able to play for Zimbabwe. Because of this the Rugby Union of Zimbabwe has sent a letter of complain to its South African counterpart. Here on, Sibanda explains his point of view on the matter.
Is it true that your team in South Africa did not allow you to play for the Zimbabwe national team?

I think the story has just got serious. I am going to be involved in a lot of rugby in 2008 mostly international and club. My club employs me professionally. If called up by my country this season I would say yes, same time my club needs my services. So for me not being released for Tangiers 7s in Morocco was one of those sacrifices I am to make in order for me to be available for future important international commitments.

Do you think this situation has damaged you?
No damage has been done, I have a healthy relationship with my club bosses and Zim rugby president Bruce Hobson.

Will you play again for your national team?
I am loyal to my country and will always represent them with pride. Its a childhood dream that I still want to live for the next coming years.

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