Morocco: demonstrations pro and against the king

In cities across Morocco yesterday, thousands of people took part in rival demonstrations, for and against, proposed constitutional reforms by King Mohammed VI.

Tunisia: the revolution on march – video report

Video report by France2 about the revolution in Tunisia.

G8 announce aid package for Egypt and Tunisia

G8 announce aid package for Egypt and Tunisia di euronews-en The last day of the G8 summit saw confirmation that Egypt and Tunisia will receive aid worth more than 28 billion euros. French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the package on Friday.

Desertec Gears up for Tunisian Office Opening

Desertec Industrial Initiative representatives landed in Tunisia to discuss further plans of using solar energy from the Sahara to power the MENA region and transport excess energy to Europe.

Arab-Japanese forum 11-12 december in Tunis

Organized by Japan and the Arab League, Tunisia is hosting on December 11 and 12, 2010 the 2nd Arab-Japanese Economic Forum. The event will gather more than 600 participants among ministers and delegates of the private and public sectors, with a view to developing economic relations between the Arab states and Japan and promoting co-operation […]

Tunisia: The future is solar!

It’s probably the energy project of the century. The Desertec project is currently mobilizing multinational companies, engineers, policy makers, financial market and banks. It’s about plants due to be built around and in the Sahara to produce, store and transfer energy to Europe. One of the major stakeholders of the  projects, Bernd Utz, director of […]


Full Name Tunisian Republic Capital Tunis Form of Government Republic Date of Independence 20 March, 1956 Date of Entry into the UN Total Area 163,610 km2 (92nd)63,170 sq mi Total Population (2008 estimate) 10,327,800 (79th) Time Zone CET (UTC+1) Currency Tunisian Dinar GDP (Nominal, 2008 estimate) $41.768 billion GDP Per Capita $4,032 Human Development Index […]