Libya: press coverage of Italy’s conference

We publish here a little press coverage about the ongoing conference in Palermo, Italian regional capital of Sicily, for and with Libya. Reports published the 13 Novembre 2018. Libya conference a success -govt sources – English – ANSA

Why North Africa? Towards a Greater Capacity for Risk Management

David Kuranga, Ph.D. One of the many questions that remains unanswered in the wake of the political shifts and instability sweeping North Africa is, why has this region that was believed by many to be among the more stable areas on the continent, actually proven to be the opposite?

AfDB annual meeting 2011: summary and comments

This year’s annual meeting of African Development Bank (ADB) may not be remembered for the great decisions it has taken or for any other reason. Notwithstanding, the participation was huge in a demonstration of interest in what is going on in Africa.

North Africa: Rebellion, Surprise & Strategy

A survey of of recent rebellions in the Maghrib generates questions of strategy in this essay, written for Kasama by Eddy Laing — a piece of insights studded with wonderful quotations from some of the participants in these revolts.