Libya Conflict: Fighters Poised Outside Sirte

Sky’s Sam Kiley meets rebel fighters waiting to attack Colonel Gaddafi’s last stronghold of Sirte. They’re biding their time, so political leaders can attempt negotiation.

Crises in post-Gaddafi era Video report about what’s next in Libya after Gaddafi by Foxnews.

Closer look at Gadhafi's compound CNN’s Jim Clancy takes a closer look at Moammar Gadhafi’s compound after rebels stormed the building.

Tribal Leaders against NATO aggression in Libya

This is a video of a meeting of some tribal leader in Libyan condemning the intervention of Nato in Libya.

Canadians gather for fact-finding mission in Libya Hundreds gathered at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver, Canada, to hear former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney present her findings upon returning from a fact finding mission in Libya as part of a delegation to oppose the US NATO bombing of the country.

S Africans against NATO's bombardment of Libya Africans are demanding an immediate end to NATO’s bombing campaign on Libya, saying the claims of wanting to save civilians, is merely a pretext for their own selfish goals.

Bombing must go on?!'Human cost too high in Libya'

Russia’s Foreign Minister has slammed NATO for its “cynical actions” in Libya in an interview with Russian TV. Sergey Lavrov said that the Alliance’s tactic of bombing the country until Colonel Gaddafi steps down has inflicted too many unjustified civilian deaths. RT’s Peter Oliver has been following what Lavrov had to say.

Libya: the point of view of MSF

“Month in Focus showcases some of MSF’s work around the world. In June we are in Misrata, Libya, where an MSF team is supporting two hospitals”, MSF writes in its Vimeo page.