Manhunt for Gaddafi intensifies

The fighting continues in Tripoli and the Libyan rebels want Gaddafi dead.

Tripoli 'quieter' as rebels celebrate

BBC report: Tripoli ‘quieter’ as rebels celebrate.

Where is Mahdi Nezamroaya? – Mother speaks out The same goes for Lizzie Phelan and Thierry Meyssan, they have all been threatened for not towing the NATO/Al Quaeda line.

LIBYA: Arms removed from Rixos Hotel 8/25/11

Thursday, August 25, 2011: Pro-Democracy Rebel Fighters remove arms and ammunition from the basement of the now infamous Rixos hotel, where international journalists from around the world were staying at and recently held captive within the past week before yesterday’s release.

Raw Video: Italian Journalists Freed in Libya

Four Italian journalists taken at gunpoint in Libya were freed Thursday in a raid on the house where they were being held, an official said.

Libyan rebels advance towards Tripoli

AUG 16 – Libyan rebel fighters take control of the town of Garyan and seize an oil refinery as they advance towards Tripoli.

Libya: Nato lies and the current situation, Leonor

Libya: Leonor – Nato lies and the current situation, 6 August 2011.

'Rogue troops' captured in Libyan rebel stronghold

Fighting has raged in the suburbs of Libya’s rebel stronghold of Benghzai involving government forces.

Some informations about Gaddafi – video doc This is a video documentary about who is Muammar Gaddafi and what he did before the invasion of Libya by western powers under Nato.

British workers for libyan people We can’t verify this video we found on YouTube, although we think that what this video communicates is very interesting. Therefore we share it. More videos below.