On the Road to Tripoli – NewYorkTimes

August 26, 2011 – On the trip from Dehiba, Tunisia, to Tripoli, the war-torn capital of Libya, there is anxiety and competing exuberance. Anthony Shadid reports.

American freed from Libyan prison

http://youtu.be/9sBGWubp0wI An american freelance writer has been released from prison in Libya today 26 August 2011.

The West is financially bankrupt

NATO and the media lied, Gaddafi had not shot his people, but it was a pretext to enter Libya.

Life inside the Rixos hotel for trapped journalists

BBC report about the life inside the Rixos hotel by trapped journalists.

Libya Rebels destroy Gaddafi's compound

Libya conflicts – Libya Rebels destroy Gaddafi’s compound.

Libya SAS 'In Gaddafi Hunt'

SkyNews video report about the involvement of SAS for the hunt of Gaddafi in Libya.

SABC3, 7pm, 23 August 2011

http://youtu.be/M-onJn91Cyk This is the news report of SABC (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation) with the opening of the successes of the rebels in Libya.

Libya: Moussa Ibrahim press conference

The spokeperson of the Libyan government, Moussa Ibrahim, held a press conference today 21 August 2011 denouncing the crimes of Nato and of the West during these six months war in Libya.

Fierce fighting for Libyan opposition in Zlitan

Zlitan’s frontline remains static despite fierce fighting.

Hardship for Libya's Bangladeshi migrants

An estimated 40,000 Bangladeshi migrant workers are trapped in Libya.