President Zuma full speech about Mandela's death

Full speech by president Zuma

President Zuma statement on ANC 99 anniversary

This is PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA’S STATEMENT ON THE OCCASION OF THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS the 8 January 2011. The paper was given as a reading material during the 5th annual forum “Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe” held in Taormina, Italy, the 6 and 7 October 2011.   Open publication – Free publishing For […]

Libya: Zuma meets Gaddafi in Tripoli Libyan state television has broadcast pictures of Colonel Gaddafi making his first public appearance in weeks to welcome South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa: Business interests fine – JZ

President Jacob Zuma yesterday said there was nothing to prevent ANC Youth League President (ANCYL) Julius Malema from having undeclared business interests, because he is not an elected public official. “Malema is not a government employee, he’s not a director of any thing. He is Malema, he’s a politician, he’s the leader of the ANC […]