South Africa: Business interests fine – JZ

President Jacob Zuma yesterday said there was nothing to prevent ANC Youth League President (ANCYL) Julius Malema from having undeclared business interests, because he is not an elected public official.

“Malema is not a government employee, he’s not a director of any thing. He is Malema, he’s a politician, he’s the leader of the ANC Youth League, not an official in government. “I don’t know Malema’s business. It is not my business to look up every individual (and see) what business does he do.”

Julius Malema has given the green light to any “legitimate agency” to access his bank account to determine if he is loaded with millions of rands from government tenders.

Speaking on Talk Radio 702 yesterday, Malema again denied reports of benefiting substantially from government tenders, especially in his province, Limpopo.

He described them as “lies and fabrications”. He also told SAfm that he did not mind being audited by the SA Revenue Service (SARS), but not if it was driven by a political agenda.

He said if SARS was being used to further the political interests of ANC breakaway group Congress of the People or other any parties, then there was a problem. Malema dared those who suspected irregularities in the tenders awarded to companies associated with him, to go to the police and open a criminal case.

“I will never be locked up in this country because I have done nothing wrong.” Despite Malema’s assertion that he had resigned from active directorship of four companies in 2008, the Companies and Intellectual Properties Registration Office (Cipro) confirmed that the outspoken leader was in fact an active director of the four companies.

Source:, 20100224

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