"Please come back to Rosarno. I need 15 Africans"

“Hello where are you? … I need 15 Africans for work in the fields. Why don’t you come back to Rosarno. I’ll give the money I owe to you”. This is what an African migrant has heard as he was reached on his mobile phone by a man who was talking on behalf of his […]

Rosarno: Mali guy beaten, rescued by Italian

In this video, this African person, 23 years old from Mali, says that he was beaten in the head by some Italians, apparently from Rosarno, while going to work on a bicycle. His boss called the ambulance and took him to the hospital “Riuniti” in Reggio Calabria. Africans in Rosarno: Mali guy beaten by Italians […]

"Where do you take these bastards"

While reporting on the 8 January 2010, in Rosarno about the demonstrations of African citizen after the shooting of two Ghanaians, I was attacked myself by Italians apparently because I was carrying some Africans to their camp before leaving Rosarno. After what happened I think that Italy’s has lost control of Rosarno for a longtime.This […]

Africans in Rosarno: police takes 200 in Crotone

African citizen in Rosarno are now taken by police in 5 busses to the camp of first asylum in Crotone (southern Italy). This is a first group of African citizen in former factory called “La Rognetta” while another group of hundreds of migrants are still in another former factory.

Africans in Rosarno: photos of 8 January 2010

A sign of the demonstration held today among the streets of Rosarno (southern Italy) by African citizen working mainly in agriculture after clashes with some racist Italians citizen Chairs and tables of a bar thrown yesterday night in the street while Africans were protesting after the shooting of 5 Africans who are now in hospital. […]

Africans in Rosarno: 5 people injured in clashes

After the shooting of five African citizen in Rosarno, Italy, migrants in southern Italy clashed with police yesterday. Africans blocked in protest the main road linking Gioia Tauro to Rosarno. “Five people are injured and are now in hospital because somebody shoot with a gun at them. They are a man from Ghana and four […]

Emergency in Rosarno (RC, Italy)

To all Italians or Africans living in Italy. There is an EMERGENCY IN ROSARNO (Reggio Calabria, Italy). Rescuers of African workers living in very poor conditions, helping MSF (Doctors without borders – Medecins sans frontieres)  needs mattress and everything necessary to let people sleep out of cold and rain. Please if you can’t do nothing […]