Africans in Rosarno: 5 people injured in clashes

After the shooting of five African citizen in Rosarno, Italy, migrants in southern Italy clashed with police yesterday. Africans blocked in protest the main road linking Gioia Tauro to Rosarno.

“Five people are injured and are now in hospital because somebody shoot with a gun at them. They are a man from Ghana and four French speaking African citizen. This is why people are protesting. The situation, though, is now calm”, one African from Ghana on his thirties told “Some – the same man added – have blocked the road and there was a big big fire”.

Africans trying to work legally in Italy are forced to move from one corner of the Peninsula to the other. At this time of year they usually are in Rosarno where they usually work for orange and other products of the agricultural industry.

Because of the economic crisis, though, there is so much less work than last year.

All Africans are asking job and to live their life with dignity. They bring to Italy much needed arms for work in agriculture, also providing to the pension of many Italians.

Beside the generosity of the people of Rosarno and the neighbouring villages, Africans are living tremendous conditions of work and life.

Below you can watch some videos from last year some in Italian some in English.

Rosarno cartiera bruciata – ‘Fabrica’ after the fire of 20/July/2009

“Arance e sangue” Terra! del TG5 del 22-01-2009

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