Senegal and Italy are a bit closer

Italian news program “Italia Italie” on TG1 has broadcast today of a project of international cooperation called “Binario Senegal” (‘Track Senegal’).

This is an experiment between Sardinia businesses and Senegal, in particular among the cities of Pikine in Senegal, near Dakar, and Sassari.

The impulse is due to the need of the Italian companies to expand in other continents and the desire of many African citizens living in Italy to go back home.

As reported by Italian RAI television, TV stations in Senegal wildly broadcasted this news.
Binario Senegal” – reports – is the first project of international cooperation of the municipality of Sassari. The Region of Sardinia has funded with the regional law n. 19 of 1996.

This is the first project regarding two decentralized municipalities: Sassari and Pikine, the municipality of Dakar, Senegal.

Because of this project, a Senegalese delegation visited the premises of some businesses in Sardinia.


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