"Africa Qui": a book about successfull Africans


Africa Qui‘ (‘Here Africa’) is not just a book but also a bet. Yes you read it right. It is a bet between the author, Stefania Ragusa, and her friend Sara, “a very Italian woman but with ebony skin”, on the fact that in Italy there are no successful migrants.

“Why, Sara was asking herself, the only chance black people have in Italy is to have spare, humble, low paid, jobs?” 

‘Africa QUI’ is the latest book of journalist Stefania Ragusa. She gathered many interviews and stories of African people in Italy who were and still are successful.

This is a book that you can read from page one to the last all in one go. Simple language, intense stories and always very interesting. 133 pages to publicise an unknown Italy to the so called “big” Italian media.

efoe-sassou-joe.jpg The story of the president of the cooperative Ghanacoop, Thomas McCarthy, is remarkable. Ghanacoop is a “cooperative that imports pineapple with fairtrade certification from Ghana“.

“In Europe – Thomas McCarthy said – people who stumble upon Africans always think that they must escape some war or famine. They can’t imagine that what moves this people could be just curiosity and the will to challenge themselves,  always carrying in their hearts their own families. In Africa it’s unthinkable to forget our own parents or brothers. I left because I wanted to move forward”.

The book is also made by the remarkable illustrations of Elisa Freddio published at the beginning of each story.

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