Rapper sHaHin eL عabkary wins Afro Pepites Show

WINNERS of the SHOW Music from Nothern Africa
of the 2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:

Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES:
sHaHin eL عabkary – Egypt – Arabic Hip-Hop
sHaHin eL عabkary largely seduces the public with their phrasing with Arabic accents.


All about sHaHin eL عabkary: www.myspace.com/mistashahin

Biography: The youngest rapper of the Y-Crew Family, Ahmed Shahin, known as sHaHin el 3abkary. Born in Alexandria, the hiphop city of Egypt. All started when he was 13 (2004), he started to listen to hiphop and rap and liked it so much.

In 2005 a new Arabic hip-hop is born. Later on he created a rap band named Haza Ardeya, they recorded some sounds of a bad quality and Shahin was the youngest rapper in Egypt at that time.

2006 he met Y-Crew Family, they helped him and brought him on the way. Step by step he became the best in writing Arabic hiphop.

End of 2006 he becam a member of Y-Crew Family; at that time Shahin took care of his rap career and his phrasing is based on what the people live and feel in Egypt, Shahin got inspired from the streets.

His goal today is to develop Arabic hiphop culture in the world. Shahin works a lot with different rappers from Egypt and from other countries…


2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Mosaïca – Maroc, France – Trad. music, Gnawa, Arabo-Andalousian


Mosaïca deeply moves horizons and outlines the forgotten link between lands of Occitania and Northern African land…

All about Mosaïca: www.myspace.com/mosaicadus

INFO for cultural Actors: Mosaïca is based in Toulouse, France.

Biography : Because of their audaciousness and their music search,the musicians of Mosaïca deeply move horizons, and outline the forgotten link between lands of Occitania and Northern African land.

At the rate of “bourrées”, of traditional Morocco melodies and of Occitan “rondeaux”, this winding caravan sings cultures in Gascon, Arabic, or French.

Mosaïca feeds itself of arabesques between Guembri and Clari, Gânoun and “vièle à roué” in an atmosphere of incandescente nouba.

And the resoudning dream of a « new Andalousia » comes true.

3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

ALIMA & LONE KENT – Algeria, England – Algerian Blues Folk


Alima and Lone KENT two pearls sometimes make one Jewel…
Alla bout Alima & Lone KENT: www.myspace.com/alimatheband

Biography: Two pearls sometimes make one beautiful jewel.

The meeting between the singer Alima and the guitarist Lone Kent is one of these. Alima tell stories and tells about herself.

He draws from the depths of her soul, looks for the pain to sublimate it, to offer it like a bunch of dead-nettles changed into roses… Lone Kent, musician of silences, accompanies her with his guitar, like a blues man. Spellbinding.

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