Melka AMANY from Congo wins Afro Pepites Mixed

WINNERS of the SHOW Music from Central Africa
2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:

Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES
Melka AMANY – Congo, France – Pop-Afro, Soul
Melka AMANY, it’s the softness of an angel and the strength of a tornado… like a caress, Melka AMANY is soft as cotton…


MELKA AMANY, it is the invitation to travel, a soft revelation, served by thin and powerful melodies… an angel’s caress !!! Universal and original, her voice is flooding us and revives the vocal enchantment of Tina Turner, Jackson Five, Lauryn Hill, M’bilia Bel, Angie Stone, Miriam Makeba…

MELKA AMANY, a unique feeling that does not leave us indifferent. Strength and depth, sensitivity and mastery, power and voluptuousness are mixed and take us in a twist of melodies!

YA SEB and MELKA have crossed fates. They met in 2010. Months of work and learning about the other and… the dream came true.

Their music is universal. It reflects the diversity of the planet. When Africa flirts with Europe, or when « elsewhere » meets « here » !


2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Mudibu – Burundi, England – Slow, Rock, Love Music


MUDIBU, with a voice between the one of Julien CLAIR and the one of Barry WHITE, gives a new start to Slow… we do love it!!! ;o)

To download his song: « Slow Me… »

Mudibu is a Son of Burundi, a Child of Africa.

He left his native country, Burundi when he was 16. Victim of war in Kenya, it is only after 8 months, almost healed, that he got a grant from a charity foundation based in Oxford. Their trust brought him to study in United Kingdom.

During this period of time, he discovered music as a outlet and soon he became author and composer.

Today he plays with a new band “Mudibu et Lostchild“. They are ready to seduce you with their compositions full of sweetness and bitterness.



3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Mamy WATA – Centrafrica –African songs


Mamy WATA, is a thrill… her voice, her lyrics! A remarkable artist… Waou !

All about Mamy WATA:

Déa Nam Gann (« the one who gives to the family in vain ») was born in the Baya tribe. They are fervent warriors who contributed to the refusal of French colonization in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Her father, a political refugee during the reign of Bocassa I , and her uncle ( a previous member of the U.N ) made Déa develop an obvious and urgent need to defend, in different ways, the stories that men came across with.

She will choose the means of music.

Thus, thanks to the character of Mamy Wata, the singer creates on stage a varied range of emotions that she was able to see and hear.

Mamy Wata can be diabolical, mysterious, fragile, ironic and sometimes a real warrior through her voice, her expressions and her dancing, on a music made of African atmospheres and French lyrics.

She questions like a warrior and take you back to all the sorrows, all the doubts and all the joys that go through our lives.

In this way, Mamy Wata comes and flies from festivals to festivals carried away by rumours and word of mouth.


2001 : Finalist of the competition “Georges Brassens” in Sète, France
2001 : 1st Price of the competition “PICS D’OR” in Tarbes, France
2002 : 1st Price “Attention Talent Scène” at the Festival PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES
2002 : Finalist and creation of a special price by the jury at the festival “CHORUS EN HAUT DE SEINE”
2002 : Finalist of the Festival “ALORS CHANTE” in Montauban, France
2002 : Finalist of the Festival “MUSICAL DE BASTIA”
2004 : Finalist of the “CABARET POSTE” in Petit Journal Montparnasse

THE FIRST PART OF CONCERTS of: Amadou and Maryam, Tiken Jah Facoly, Manu chao, Anis, Alexis HK, Souad Massi, Lokua Kanza, Dobet Gnah

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