Photographer Nicolas REMENE wins Afro Pepites Show

WINNERS of the SHOW PHOTOGRAPHER of the 2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:

Winner of the category AFRO PEPITES
Nicolas REMENE – France – Photography of Mali


Nicolas REMENE reveals the treasures, the resources and the simple moments that life offers us… Nicolas throws us in the atmosphere and the universe of Africa.
Nicolas REMENE is based in the region of Marseillais

« Influenced by the stories and the photos of a family hit by the virus of travelling. Eating magazines full of images that were making me dream or were striking me. I got my first camera when I was 9/10. Soon I felt the need to immortalize and share through pictures some moments lived with friends, family or during my travels. Since then… Mali, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Brazil, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Austria… with the same obsession: taking pictures! Taking pictures to sensitize and show the people here and there how our Earth abounds in treasures but also that our environment is really threatened. This is now my daily fight. »

Nicolas REMENE

2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Cécile CELLERIER-MAUREL – France – Photography of Burkina Faso

Cécile CELLERIER-MAUREL, Photographer of emotions, she came back from Burkina Faso from weird faces with « solar smiles ».


Biography: Cécile CELLERIER-MAUREL is an independant photographer. Cecile likes engraving the magic moments of motherhood, catch some decisive moments of a concert. Cécile exhibits as well her series “Faces of Madagascar”, brought back with weird faces with « solar smiles ». Cécile is also Photographer for « Respect Mag magazine»

All about Cécile CELLERIER

Her work about faces from Madagascar


3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Alcal – France – Photography of Madagascar

Fervent admirer of black beauty, Alcal wishes to pay homage to African brilliance!


INFO for cultural Actors:

All about Alcal:

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