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Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES

Ej Von Lyrik – Southern Africa – Hip Hop, Funk

Ej Von Lyrik is surprising. She has such a voice and an exceptional energy. Carrying a humanist message her lyrics abound with hope. To be discovered!


EJ von LYRIK hails from a township called Mitchell’s Plain which is on the Cape Flats, Cape Town, South Africa.

She has been writing and performing her own material ever since she started working on music as a full time career, in 1997. Having a distinct interest in music production, she started producing her own instrumentals in 2001.

Her music is an eclectic mix of funk, rock, dancehall, hip hop and roots reggae.

She is a strong advocate for human upliftment and inspiration through the medium of music and therefore her music carries positive messages in her lyrics.

E.J feels the reason for this cross-over of musical genres is to reach out to a more diverse audience because the music is message orientated.

She has performed on various international stages as well as collaborating with some hefty names in the music industry, and was a member of the (now disbanded) legendary female hip hop group Godessa.

She has performed on international stages in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, Cuba, USA, UK, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

EJ is a vibrant and energetic performer with an amazing stage presence and loves the stage as much as the studio. It is her mission to get her musical message across with passion and positivity when she is playing live.

She also has passionate views on human rights and believes music is a spiritual gift, and this is very evident when listening to her lyrics and musical productions.


2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Ilanga – South Africa, Belgium, France, Canada – Xhosa soul


Ilanga, finds its strength and its identity in the fusion of several music dialects: jazz, soul, afro beat…

Ilanga is based in Le Rove close to Marseille (France).

Ilanga (Sun) speaks Xhosa… jazz, soul, afrobeat are its dialects…

Sibongilé Mbambo is born in Cape Town, South Africa, and is Xhosa, one of the ethnic tribes of the South African mosaic. She moved to Marseille in 2002 and she started there as a painter.

Step by step she was looking for mixing her language, her music and her songs…

After several bands as lead and side (Ahamada Smis, Dobet Gnahoré, Frederic Galliano…), she met the saxophonist/ percussionist Jeremy Demesmaeker and the bass guitarist Mike Aubé who were at that time the electro multimédia duet Bains Douches and who had just finished the disc of Rona Hartner (Tony Gatlif / Gadjo Dilo), Nationalité Vagabonde.

Some more different languages…

They look for common dialects based on soul funk carried along by Mike Aubé fro, Québec, mix the African traditions and jazz with Jérémy Demesmaeker from Belgium, but the language sang is Xhosa, native language of Sibongilé, characterized by the use of original consonants, clicked on the palate: clics.

Soon they include the guitarist Hassan Tighidet (Diho, Nhao, Sayon Bamba Camara…) and the drummer / percussionist Djamel Taouacht (Sylvie Paz, David Lafore…) two figures who cannot be overlooked in Marseille.

Ilanga starts to talk… Ilanga means Sun in Xhosa and finds its strength and identity in the fusion of all the music dialects: jazz, soul, afro beat… It is a music mosaic from 5 musicians of all horizons.


3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Téba – South Africa – Reggae Dub


Téba, his performance is nothing short of electric and massive. To be discovered!

Téba is based in Cap Town (South Africa)

Teba The Original Social Worker is a Reggae artist based in Cape Town, South Africa and his love for the arts started in community theatre.

He was born and raised in Gugulethu township, Cape Town then moved for a few years to Johannesburg where he started recording in 1996 with the Kwaito band Skeem. They were awarded a SAMA (South African Music Awards) for Best Township Pop with their debut hit song Waar Was Jy?

His music deals with social justice, universal love and songs of inspiration. Always championing the cause of the voiceless, this has made him a favourite role model for community events involving the arts. His performance is nothing short of electric and massive.

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