Painter Mama Afrika from Italy wins Afro Pepites

2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:



Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES MIXED, INSPIRED
Mama Afrika – Italy – PAINTER


An alliance of symbols and cultures, Mama Afrika arouses her spirits to present an attracting work.

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Her philosophie: « I believe in Spirit in everything. I believe in the Spirit of Air, of Earth, of Water, of Fire. Elements are creation. In them Gods and the astonishment of Goddesses. Elements are in us, around us. We exist in them and they in us » Mama Afrika


2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Le Quartier Général – France – PAINTERS


Le Quartier Général, a duet of graphist sisters, illustrators and artists creats the atmosphere of a Black American cultural travel.

LE QUARTIER GÉNÉRAL is a duet of graphist sisters, illustrators and artists, composed of Élodie and Delphine Chevalme, respectively holders of a Master in Graphic communication at ENSAAMA (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, Paris) and of the Superior Diploma of Decorative Arts (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris).

Today, they start the series « Papiers Ordinaires », a figurative work of portraits entirely realized with felt, in big format, size one. The project is composed of a series in a pagan “pilgrimage”, which goes across cultures. They want to have their project go out from their workshop, to meet the numerous and abundant fields and make it a « travel » celebrating mixing.

The works presented are part of the series ‘BouBoys’, contraction of « boubou » and of « b-boys », indicating the ambivalence of this first series, which is interested in American hip hop culture of the founders as an echo to an African popular culture. Some characters, with demonstrative attitudes and played positions, wear clothes with designs borrowed from African textile like Wax, Bazin or Fancy, usually printed on boubous or on loinclothes.


3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Jipé FRONTON – Guadeloupe – PAINTER


Jipé FRONTON presents a colorful and full of imaginary painting marked by West Indian mysticism where the symbolic laughs at the laws of perspective.

« Self-taught plastic and painting Artist and visionary poet, he tells the story of his compatriots, of their relationship to nature and divine. Jipé FRONTON questions himself about their past and about their future. He paints by playing with his palette of colors under the light of the sun and of spotlights.

Through his paintings he sends messages marked sometimes by mysticism, his paintings are impregnated with his emotions, some events of his life (autobiography). His colorful and full of imaginary painting marked by mysticism, symbols and West Indian landscapes where the symbolic laughs at the laws of perspective. A painting in search for its numerous roots. » Denise Cladier Assistant of Preserving

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