Painter Elie DRO wins Afro Pepites Show

2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW

Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES
Elie DRO – Ivory Coast – PAINTER


Elie DRO a painter who creates Dreams. Elie DRO presents paintings which question, suggest, arouse your imagination…

« As a practice, my painting aims at being a flower, attracting thanks to her warm colors, but also a cactus because of its commitment. Through the topics approached: AIDS, excision, war… I touch with my finger the problems that everyone can develop as s/he likes.

This strategy to make the minds deliver gives to my practice a celebration of imagination and of poetry, by bringing forward everyone’s mind. Its uses African mythes, parables, symboles, proverbs.

Like a chamelon, its seems to hide itself through a skin which changes and adapts itself to the circumstances.

Without going to one’s word nor abandon its experience, my painting grammar migrates, adapts itself and gets developed.

The « chamelonizing » or the mockery of the chamelon, the substratum of our work could be a strategy for survival of my practice. » Elie DRO

2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Baye GALLO – Senegal – Painter


Baye GALLO, projects on his paintings a sweet ethnic mix.

Baye GALLO uses oil paint and mix technics on diverse supports and that way he paints his believes, his philosophy of a life grown up in the quiet rhythm of Senegal. A reality subtly mixed to unreality, he projects on his paintings a sweet ethnic mix.


3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Tutus MOBIO – Ivory Coast – Painter


Tutus MOBIO shows a great theme originality…. « When war pursues us »

Tutus is based in Paris. Tutus MOBIO presents his series « When war pursues us», series inspired from children’s drawings.

Born in 1973 in Adjamé, in Ivory Coast, arrived in France when he was six, Tutus Mobio has always been attracted by painting and sculpture. When he was eighteen, his adoptive parents discovered and encouraged his talent.

An initiatory route.

From 1997 until 2002, Tutus Mobio’s life is full of travels and sketches. Looking for his roots, he will first go through a long expedition in Western Africa: Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin. During all his travels, children were close to him. Tutus MOBIO always integrated them into his artistic trips. From these experiences, he always kept the children’s sketches. Art is a means to exorcize his feelings, children proved him by drawing some scenes of their lives.

Today, Tutus MOBIO makes his paintbrush talk on the theme « Violence gone through by children »…

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