Nigeria: two women Celebrate Africa… traveling

Two Nigerian young women has started a tour of Africa to ‘celebrate Africa’ showing the world a Continent that is not only famine and corrupt politicans.

“Here – they write on their website – you’ll see the sights and sounds of Africa, from the eyes of two young women traveling across the continent. No images of starving children, stories of corrupt politicians, famines etc, we”ve seen enough of that”.

They are Chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu.

Chioma describe herself as a “young, vibrant Nigerian woman who has left Lagos for a life on the road” for adventure and beauty in “the most exciting continent on earth”. She plans to volunteer for NGOs in Africa during her tour of the Continent.

Her sister Oluchi Ogwuegbu describes herself as “adventurous and independent”. She has a degree in Economics and, after two years, she quit her job for a global shipping organization. “The beautiful continent – she says on – has lovely stories to tell and who better to tell them than Africans themselves. I intend to have a lot of fun, learning and telling these stories with my video camera”.

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