London In A Burning Fire

Rather than ask who set the fire, you better hold your breath because everybody is working to put it out first.

One man was only a little known outside his home town, but in the heart of this winter he suddenly became the world most powerful human being. Yesterday, he was forced by the burning fire to take his wife by the hand into Air Force One, the single most secured flying object in the world and they headed across the Atlantic.

If you think this is another Romeo and Juliet, you need to think again because several multitudes of people have been waiting to welcome him to Europe since last week and many of them have already lost the meaning of smile to the burring fire.

The whole world knows that his route is traced back to Africa, the cradle of mankind.

And in Africa, there is always a room for much larger family; therefore he couldn’t have come alone to put out the burning fire. After all, the heat of the fire is fast becoming more unbearable in Africa than in Europe.

By Sunday this week, an army of diplomats have already started their journey from the coast of Africa to Europe. But their boats-cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, unlike the Air Force One across the Atlantic was not a success due to the burning anger of nature.

They should have said goodbye to Africa because they were going to be terminated between Africa and Europe.

They should have made it to London where the plan to put out the burning fire is at a high momentum.

Yes, they should have come to listen to the grammars and philosophies of time which actually strained them out of their homes in the first place.

Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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