Movies: "Kady, la belle vie"

Italian websites publish a reviews of film “Kady, la belle vie” directed by Claude Mouriéras. A film about immigration, France and life between Africa, Mali and Europe.

What follows is a rough translation of the reviews.

How to tell Africa to Paris? Claude Mouriéras has thought to make it through the history of Kady, a woman of the Ivory Coast immigrated in France to the beginnings of years ’90 and that Parisian of Belleville lives with its seven sons in the multicultural quarter, well known from Daniel Pennac novels.

In 1980, Mouriéras began to work in the cinema as director of photography. He realized in 1989 its first movie  Montalvo et l’enfant and, after ten years, he realised  Tout va bien, on s’en va (1999) with Michael Piccoli, selected for Quinzaine des réalisateurs during the Cannes film festival in 2000.

With Kady, la belle vie (2007) Mouriéras return to the documentary in the attempt to analyze the topics of immigration and integration leaving from the microcosm of the family of Kady.

Arte, satellite tv channel, introduced Mouriéras last film the 25 of November but it has previewed two other occasions in order to recover it, 9 and 13 December.

By Alice Casalini



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