the-multi-lingua-and-the-rope.jpgIt’s over 60 years since the world ended its brutal war which saw horrible death and destruction in many parts of the world.

It was only natural that in trying to heal the wounds resulted from the human failure, the world leaders wanted to demonstrate that they care, by putting on paper a fine proposal or what would later be known as the fundamental human rights

It’s no doubt that all the so called democratic nations of the world are signatories to this universal declaration of human rights, which were to promote the freedom of man and respect his sanctity.

The question however is: are they keeping their promises?

Help protect the liberty of all men.

This was the message sent out last night, during the human rights campaign held by Trentino solidale, at the centre for sport in Trento.


According to the president of the organization, Mrs. Francesca Ferrari, it will do us better if everyone can contribute to the defence of the vulnerable ones in our society. 

The huge audience was by no means left out in the high emotion as people shared their experiences about the victims of unjust wars and discrimination around us.

As the Comboni missionary father, Rev. Father Fabrizio Columbo, who was a missionary in Africa for ten years puts it, there is no need concentrating on the far away places in order to understand the abuse of human right.

After all, there are many immigrant around us whose right are continuously abused either by been denied the possibility to live a normal life or subjected to over exploitation by the greedy ones.

That we are all one was more than just words in the emotion packed night.

It was in fact acted on the stage. They were several participants holding one rope and proclaiming their message in different languages.

alberto-cavelli.jpgIt was clear and simple:  don’t keep silent while the fundamental rights of other people are been arbitrarily deny them. It’s not enough excuse that after all, I’m not like them.

The fight for human justice is the duty of all civilised people. To refuse to fight with the claim that one is not directly affected by the menace is the same as making the course of humanity a failure.

A number of world leaders may have failed to guard against discriminations and other similar ills. Notwithstanding, since the declaration of these rights, few results can be counted on the positive side. Some countries have revoked the death penalty from their constitutions… Those were the encouragement of Alberto Cavelli, a representative of the amnesty international, Trento.


There couldn’t have been a better way to end the program than with a musical group from Rome, Orchestra di Piazza Vittoria. A band made up of artists from various parts of the world.

The next time you see a human being been denied of his/her right, don’t turn your face the other way, or you just might be neglecting your duty.

Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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